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5 Common Myths About Blood Spill Cleanup

Blood spills can be dangerous when exposed to it. It contains deadly pathogens that cause life threatening health problems. Blood spill cleanup should be handled with utmost care. You need the right tools to ensure the cleanup is done without putting your life at risk. Cleaning a large pool of blood on your own is not always advisable. Instead, call blood spill cleanup service.

So what are the common misconception about blood spill cleanup?

  1. Bleach Kills Blood borne Pathogens

Many experts claim that bleach does a great job in getting rid of the bacteria lurking around in blood spill areas. But in reality, chlorine bleach is a highly corrosive chemical. Exposure to these chemicals can cause irritation to your eyes and skin. In some cases, it can cause breathing issues. Bleach can negatively react on surfaces when combined with other cleaning solutions. Apart from how harmful it is to living organisms, it can also damage surfaces, furnishings and carpets when used in excess.

  1. Cleaning and Sanitizing Blood Spill Are the Same

That’s another wrong notion. There is definitely a distinction between these two. Cleaning has to do with removing dirt and other matter from a surface whereas sanitizing involves removing harmful microorganisms and biological matter on a surface. Regardless of how clean a surface is, if it is not properly sanitized, odds are that it could still contain biological matter. Cleaning a surface is never enough, it needs to be sanitized as well.

  1. No Other Sanitizer Can Beat Bleach for Blood Spill Cleanup

There are many advanced sanitizers that are more effective than using bleach to sanitize a blood spill. While bleach does its own part in sanitizing the area, it can cause harm to living things due to overexposure. You can find a lot of amazing and highly effective sanitizers that are less harmful to health. Blood spill cleanup service uses only effective and less harmful sanitizer for cleaning blood spill.

  1. No Point Taking As Much Precautions When Cleaning a Blood Spill of a Family Member

No one can tell if a blood spill is infected or not. Regardless of how close you are to a family member, you are advised to always take precautions just as you would when cleaning a blood spill of a stranger. Treat every blood spill as a biohazard. Do not forget your protective gear, and take every necessary precaution to protect yourself. This is a must to prevent transmission of blood-borne pathogens and diseases.

  1. Family Responsibility

Gone are the days when a family member takes charge of the cleaning tasks following a tragic event like unattended death, suicide or homicide. Any family members who undertakes this task should have their mental health in check. This job can be stressful and risky for the family member or anyone who takes up the responsibility. The good news is that there is always a blood spill cleanup service near you that can come to the rescue in times like this.

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