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8 Signs You Need Emergency Tree Work and How to Address Them

The trees on your property can be a source of beauty and safety. But sometimes, these huge plants can become dangerous, and identifying such signs is very important. In order to ensure the safety of your property and the people nearby, emergency tree work Philadelphia may be needed.


In this article, let’s talk about eight signs that tell you that you need to do something right now and the method to approach them.


1. Trees That Are Leaning


When a tree leans more than it should, it is a sign that something is not well with it. It may mean that its root system has been weakened or the soil is unstable. If there is a significant lean, then you need an expert arborist to come in for assessment.


2. The Trunk With Cracks


Cracking or splitting trunks of trees are serious problems that could suggest internal decay or structural weaknesses. Your trees must be examined closely after storms or other extreme weather events occur. It’s essential to get help immediately when you detect any cracks on them.


3. Hollow or Rotten Areas


When you tap the trunk, a hollow sound or visible signs of decay, such as soft or crumbly wood, indicate internal issues. Decay compromises the tree’s structural integrity and makes it susceptible to breaking or falling. You can address this promptly with professional help.


4. Falling Limbs or Branches


If branches or limbs are falling unexpectedly, it’s a clear indication of a problem. Weak attachment points or pests could be to blame. Regular pruning can help prevent this, but if it’s already happening, emergency tree work is necessary.


5. Exposed Roots


Exposed tree roots might seem harmless but indicate soil erosion or instability. This is particularly common in areas with heavy foot traffic or construction. If you notice exposed roots, consult a professional to evaluate the situation and prevent further damage.


6. Sudden Change in Tree Shape


If your once beautifully shaped tree suddenly changes its form, it could be a sign of trouble. This might be due to diseases, pests, or structural issues. Get an expert to assess the tree in order to identify the problem and suggest solutions.


How to Address Tree Emergencies


1. Consult a Confirmed Arborist


Look for the skill of a certified arborist to survey the situation precisely and accurately. They can recognize issues and suggest suitable solutions.


2. Emergency Tree Removal


In extreme cases, emergency tree work Philadelphia may be necessary to eliminate the gamble of a falling tree. Only experts should attempt this task to guarantee security.


3. Pruning and Trimming


Regular pruning and trimming can assist with preventing possible issues by eliminating weak or dead branches before they become a danger.


4. Execute Preventive Measures


Work with an arborist to develop a preventive care plan for your trees. This might incorporate regular inspections and pest control.


To summarize it


Proactive care for trees is the key to a healthy and safe outdoor climate. You can guarantee your property’s security and the good health of your trees by staying cautious and addressing signs of trouble instantly. When in doubt, get expert guidance from a trained arborist.

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