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Add a Unique Feel, Look & Warmth to any Space with Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles offer a distinct charm in any interior or exterior design scheme thanks to their incredibly realistic variations in colour and texture that effortlessly tie in with just about any style of home, from the ultra-modern architectural dwellings to more traditional or classic styles of home. These durable and hard wearing porcelain tiles offer a world of creative options with incredibly realistic styles on offer in a vast range of timber tones, textures and even shapes or patterns (such as the popular herringbone tile pattern for example) to help you achieve the perfect outcome in your next interior design project.

What is a Timber Porcelain Tile?

Timber look tiles are made of a porcelain material, a form of the traditional ceramic tile that is baked at significantly higher temperatures to achieve an ultra-hard and durable surface finish that is almost completely non-porous. These tiles will not absorb liquids or moisture and will not require sealing at any time throughout their lifespan. As a result of modern tile manufacturing technology, stunning new porcelain tile designs can be achieved that offer a perfect replica of natural materials such as stone or timber, complete with realistic variations in depth of colour and even texture.

Caption: Quality timber look tiles offer an ultra-realistic representation of traditional timber that will perfectly complement your own unique interior design scheme. Tile stores will often include a vast range of options in various shapes, colours and patterns, allowing you to create the perfect look in your home design project.

These tiles are achieved using layered digital printing technology that creates a hyper-realistic image on the surface of the porcelain tile that will show the organic variations and depths in colour we would expect to see in a natural product. Textures are also created on the surface of the tiles to replicate the wonderful tactile qualities of an authentic timber product, offering a stunning alternative solution that can be used throughout the home to add a unique look and feel to any interior design scheme.

How to use Timber Look Tiles in the Home

Timber look porcelain tiles can be used to complement any style of interior design from sleek, contemporary looks to traditional or classically styled homes. These incredibly hard wearing and durable tiles offer an excellent alternative solution to traditional timber flooring or wall cladding options which are often avoided in areas that experience a lot of moisture and humidity such as the bathroom or laundry for example. These spectacular tiles allow you the opportunity to experiment with warm timber textures, colours and patterns in your interior design scheme, offering you a world of creativity.

Caption: Laid in a herringbone tile pattern, these timber look porcelain tiles perfectly replicate the natural variations in tone, pattern and texture that are seen in an authentic timber product. These sorts of tiles can be found in a vast range of colours, from grey toned timber options to honey tones and even distressed timber varieties, allowing you a world of creativity in your interior design colour and material selections.

Do Wood Look Tile Have Grout Lines?

When looking to create the authentic look of natural timber flooring using timber look porcelain tiles, the size and appearance of grout lines are common queries that will come up during the tile selection process. After all, a thick and unsightly grout line will not create the desired effect of a sleek timber floor that we are after!

Australian Standards dictate that joint widths in between floor tiles of this type should not exceed 3mm (AS 3958.1), which in itself is exceptionally narrow already. Rectified tiles (tile types that have been precisely cut after the firing process to achieve a sharp, exact edge and thus a more uniform or consistent size between one tile to the next in the collection) allow for an even slimmer grout line, usually approximately 1.5mm.

Your Interior Designer or Builder will assist you in selecting an ideal grout colour that will tie in perfectly with your selected timber look tiles in order to achieve a realistic and consistent look in your interior design scheme. Consultants in tile stores will often keep grout colour samples on hand to help make the decision easier to make.

Indoor and Outdoor Tile Options

Many options in timber look tile collections offer the flexibility of being both an indoor and outdoor tile solution, offering a flexible approach to designing connecting spaces of the home. When selecting tiles that will create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, it is important to seek out a tile that will be simple and straight forward to maintain, without deep ridges that can become difficult to mop or sweep over.

Classic, timeless and elegant, certain specific collections of timber look porcelain tiles also be used as a flooring solution in your outdoor design scheme. These tiles offer a wonderful alternative solution to traditional timber decking, offering a water and scratch resistant option that can be used to tile outdoor dining or living spaces as well as pool surrounds.

Deeply textured tiles in indoor spaces can often be tricky to keep clean with mopping alone as dirt can become caught in the textures and grooves of more common outdoor tiles. Options that are ideal for use when joining an indoor and outdoor area of the home will offer an excellent slip resistance while still being simple to clean and maintain.

Timber look tiles provide a strong and durable alternative solution to traditional timber flooring in the home that can be used throughout your interior spaces for a warm and unique look that will never age or go out of style! You will also find an impressive selection of options available that can be used as an indoor and outdoor tile solution, allowing you to seamlessly connect your indoor entertaining spaces with the adjoining outdoor living area. These tiles can be found in a vast range of colours, shapes and patterns, allowing you the creative freedom of choosing your own perfect style.

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