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It can happen at almost any time – you suddenly need a company that does refrigerator repair San Antonio homeowners are happy to contact in an emergency. But why did your refrigerator break down in the first place? It’s a common question that appliance service repair San Antonio company Appliance Care USA receives on a regular basis, often from customers who have called them out for a repair to their household appliances.

Why do Appliances Break and What Can be Done to Repair Them?

Let’s start by getting into why appliances break down. One of the most common issues that we see is failure to keep up with regular service and maintenance. Refrigerator coils are not vacuumed off, forcing your fridge to work harder until it can’t. You know that you need dryer vent cleaning services San Antonio homeowners can trust, but it keeps getting put off because really, who has the time? Then your dryer breaks down or a lint fire is started. Your dishwasher is flashing lights instead of just starting because the filter has never been cleaned since it was installed two years ago, and your hard water has caused a lot of calcification.

Whether we’re called out for a range, refrigerator, or washer repair San Antonio homeowners often look a little sheepish when they realize how easily they could have avoided the issue. Maybe you didn’t realize that your kid’s sock had been sucked into the filter that you should be checking every month or so at the front of your front-loading washer, and that’s why it won’t drain anymore. But at Appliance Care USA, there’s no judgment. We run into these issues all the time and are happy to help provide a little education so that you can spare yourself an expensive repair or replacement bill in the future.

The other reason why your appliance may have broken down could have to do with the manufacturing process. Sometimes appliances have issues that are caused because of issues during manufacturing, which is why they come with a warranty. In those situations, it’s a pretty simple matter to call and arrange for a warranty repair that will be at no cost or a limited cost to you, depending on the terms of the warranty.

Once your appliance has had an issue, it’s very easy to get the appliance service repair San Antonio homeowners need. One of our service technicians will come out, diagnose the problem, and if needed, order any parts they can’t immediately access from their truck or our warehouse. From there, it’s just a short wait until your appliance is operating normally again. Our technicians are also happy to point out any issues that could have contributed to the problem, like your teenager leaving the refrigerator open the entire time they’re spending a half hour making a snack.

If you need appliance service repair San Antonio homeowners love, contact Appliance Care USA today!

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