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Avoid These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Your kitchen is at the core of your home, offering comfort, togetherness, and delicious food. As such, it requires constant care for everyday use and upkeep, including renovation projects – even skilled designers and do-it-yourselfers can make mistakes during this process!

Mistakes during kitchen renovation may not be as costly or time-consuming as demolishing walls and adding plumbing, but they still cost time and money. Whether doing the work yourself or hiring professionals, here are some of the most frequently made kitchen renovation mistakes homeowners make so you can avoid them.

One of the greatest kitchen remodeling mistakes is failing to plan how your family will use the space. This is particularly relevant if you plan on adding an island or seating. Before beginning your remodel, sit down and map out how you plan to use your kitchen on an ongoing basis – this will allow you to select an island size and style suitable to you and determine how much seating may be necessary.

Planning according to how messy you are can make for a more effortless remodel experience. Open shelves flanking your range may look beautiful but require constant dusting of debris splattered from cooking, as will ornate tile backsplashes that require dusting regularly – keeping these details in mind will ensure a more seamless remodeling project experience.

Another mistake many homeowners make when renovating is adding impractical features to their space. If, for instance, your kitchen needs to allow more room for a dining area, adding one could lead to insufficient counter space or block critical thoroughfares. Furthermore, adding appliances you don’t have room for can be frustrating and wasteful.

To transform your kitchen into an office workspace, include sufficient electrical outlets. It can be easy to underestimate how many outlets you require when designing a kitchen, but this could prove disastrous should your electric skillet or toaster be inaccessible without an outlet plugging it in! If applicable, upgrade older sockets with GFCI protection for added safety around water sources.

Renaming your kitchen can be a huge task, so setting realistic timelines will reduce stress for everyone involved and increase the risk of mistakes that could cost more. Instead, set reasonable goals and communicate early with your contractors to keep the project on schedule and budget for any unforeseen costs that might arise as part of a kitchen remodel project.

Expect unexpected expenses- spending more than anticipated during a remodel project is common! If you are becoming overwhelmed, discuss ways of handling extra costs with Kitchens Perth, such as creating a temporary kitchenette or scheduling eating-out days during your kitchen renovation process. Also, taking breaks throughout this time may help ease anxiety during a challenging period.

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