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Blood Spill Cleanup Service: Handling Blood Spill On Carpets the Right Way

Depending on the sort of job you do or the activities you partake in, situations could arise where you would need to be the one that cleans up a blood spill. It could be that a co-worker of yours had a minor injury or that a kid you were in charge of fell down and got injured and there was bleeding involved. Whatever the case is, it would serve you well to be informed on how to clean up blood so that you could render a very thorough blood spill cleanup service whenever needed.

Spots Blood Spill Can Occur and How to Handle It

Nobody ever plans to get himself in an accident and as such blood spill can occur in any location. Here are three likely conditions in which you might have to perform a blood spill cleanup service:

  1. Cleaning Up Blood On Hard Surfaces

Blood spilled on hard surfaces such as tiles, ceramic and metal are fairly easier to clean than that spilled on absorbent surfaces. However, because these surfaces are not absorbent, there is the propensity for the blood to flow and spread along the surfaces and thus the need for speedy actions to be taken.

Your first line of action would be to contain the area, i.e. make sure no one has access to the area if he is not properly protected from the danger that blood-borne pathogens pose. After this is done, you can begin with the cleaning.

Before commencing with the cleaning, you must put on your protective gear. Then, you clean up the blood with a rag or a paper towel. To ensure that the surface is absolutely decontaminated, you must apply a bleach and water solution (in the ratio 1:9) onto it and then wait for at least 20 minutes before wiping it down.

Thereafter, you should remove the gloves, place them in a garbage bag along with other compromised materials and then dispose of it. Then, you go wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  1. Blood Spill On a Carpet

Knowing how to respond to a blood spill on a carpet is a knowledge that would benefit you greatly as a carpet seem to be present in almost every home and even many offices. The first thing you need to know about cleaning up blood on the carpet is that speed matters. This is because carpets are absorbent and can easily soak up blood spilled on it plus it becomes harder to clean it if the blood becomes dry.

What Should You Do?

Well, first you put on your protective gears as stated in the first instance. Unlike the first instance, however, bleach or other harsh cleaning product would be a bad idea as they can easily ruin your carpet. Your best bet is thus a carpet friendly shampoo or cleaner that has anti-microbial properties. To get a better result, you should clean the affected area more than once.

To best get rid of all the blood-borne pathogens that your carpet might have soaked up, it is best you get it steam-washed.

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