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Home Cleaning Crime Scene Cleaner: What It Entails

Crime Scene Cleaner: What It Entails

Most crime scenes always look gruesome. But there are ways to clean up the mess, no matter how awful. A spot where an act of violence or suicide has occurred is called a ‘crime scene’. It is very necessary to restore such a place in the semblance of order. If this occurs in the home, remnants from the crime scene may affect the emotions of the family members. Thus, families of the victim hire crime scene cleaners to sweep the home clean.

As their name implies, crime scene cleaners perform different cleaning services ranging from methamphetamine cleanup to a murder cleanup. A cleanup provider will perform tasks such as disinfecting an illegal drug laboratory, exterminating a decaying body, cleaning up a murder scene, and more. In essence, they are experts in restoring balance to the property of victims.

How To Become An Expert Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene cleaning services are rendered by certain individuals. To become a cleanup expert, it requires a background in public health and safety. Some other attributes such as emotional stability, stamina, and a strong stomach are important. Without emotional stability, crime scene cleaning services cannot deal with traumatic scenes. Stamina is important because the cleanup task can stretch from hours to days. Lastly, a strong stomach helps to withstand horrifying fluids and tissues that are encountered during cleaning.

Training and Safety Modules

Toxic substances such as blood-borne pathogens and materials are mostly inevitable in crime scenes. Effective training and safety mechanisms equip such individuals with the technical know-how of dealing with these agents. In addition, their skills should span handling cleanup chemicals and other special equipment. Like other professionals, crime scene cleaning services have special protective gears. A complete kit includes a respirator, suit, booties, and coveralls.


There is no special license required to establish such a business. However, it is safe to seek legal counsel about the nitty-gritty of cleanup service business license.


Depending on location, crime scene cleanup service providers experience varying demands. For instance, the cleanup business will thrive in a big city where crime is rampant than in rural areas. The police department has a full list containing the contact information of recommended cleanup teams. To avoid the risk of endorsement issues, the police department does not recommend service providers to people.

The Process of Crime Scene Cleanup Service

After a crime has occurred, there are remnants such as contaminants, shards, and debris to be cleared. Upon completion of the investigation, the crime scene cleaners go to the scene. If someone has been murdered, they go to the scene when the body has been moved. Although the duration of cleanup depends on the severity of the crime, it may be elongated for proper disinfection and restoration.

Firstly, the biohazard materials in the crime scene are removed. Their materials may be bones, fragments, or organs. Then, stains (such as blood) are scraped from surfaces. If the stain has penetrated deep into the wall, scrub brushes and strong cleansers must be used. Eventually, a vacuum pump is used on the entire surface. Other times, an odor remover is used to remove the foul smell from the scene.

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