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Crime Scene Cleaners: Their Journey

If you are among those who think that crime scene cleaners don’t need to do much to become professionals at what they do, then it’s high time you had a rethink. To become professionals at rendering crime scene cleaning services, these cleaners have to undergo a number of trainings. While many of these are optional, they are necessary if they are to be exceptional at their jobs.


Many crime scene cleaning companies today now have a standard of employing only those that have at least graduated from high school or possess an equivalent certificate. This is thus the first requirement from any prospective crime scene cleaner.

Next, they are expected to successfully undergo crime scene cleaning, bio-recovery or blood-borne pathogen handling training. In the course of these training, they will also be trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and respiratory protection. Only crime scene cleaners who have been certified in these areas are qualified to work a crime scene. This is because they know how best to avoid putting themselves in danger relating to crime scene cleaning.

As stated earlier, to be really good at what they do, crime scene cleaners go for extra training courses. These could include those on hazardous communication, heat-illness awareness, medical waste handling and several others.


Working on crime scenes can be messy, and often times, it is a bloody affair. Crime scene cleaners are thus expected to have strong stomachs that are capable of walking into different crime scenes without throwing out their contents.

Some crime scene cleaners employ tricks that helps them to keep ill feelings at bay whenever they are working crime scenes. This although is not a very good option as it might fail them in the long run. However, many of these cleaners have been known to eventually become undisturbed by the most disturbing parts of their job. This takes time though, and you shouldn’t worry if you feel queasy the first few times.

The job of cleaning a crime scene is also one that involves a lot of labor that is done while on the feet. Thus, as a crime scene cleaner you should be strong enough to handle hours of physical labor at a stretch.

Not only can the job be a long one, but also an arduous one. Crime scene cleaners might find themselves in positions to move furniture around or do some construction work. As such, it is important that they work on building their muscles while watching their weight.

A crime scene cleaner is also expected to be able to work at irregular hours. In this aspect, you could relate a cleaner’s job to that of a doctors’. They must be ready to pack up and leave within the shortest possible time. Many people demand that remediation services be rendered immediately, not caring if it is 10pm in the night or 4am in the morning. So crime scene cleaners are always ready to be on the go.

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