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Exorbitant and extortionate Theft

Both complainant and defendant are subjected to public humiliation and family dishonour if you are extorted by a girl you met at a bar or on the internet if you are accused of Blackmail and wind up in handcuffs with the NYPD. For example, Embezzlement schemes are one kind of crime including Grand Larceny in New York. However, this particular group of offences is far more difficult and requires the services of a Blackmail lawyer despite where you fall in New York’s court system. To protect your legal rights, you must be familiar with the Penal Code, which provides prosecutors broad authority to file criminal charges against anybody at any time. In case of any  الابتزاز الإلكتروني, please visit our website.

What is the difference between what is required and what is prohibited?

Section 155.05(2) of the New York Penal Law defines blackmail as an act of extortion (e). You have committed this offence if you persuade, threaten, threaten, or force another person into giving you anything of value (often money, but not always). If you or someone else commits an offence as a result of this, the target party is legally compelled to grant your request for the property.

Coercion Takes Many Forms.

If the groundwork is successfully laid by law enforcement, the attention will move to establishing the seriousness of the offence. New York Penal Law 155.30 defines the above-mentioned general and automatic felony as Fourth Degree Grand Larceny (6). No matter how valuable the property is, this constitutes a class “E” crime, regardless of its value. Class “C” felony Grand Larceny in the Second Degree is the most serious kind of larceny. While threatening to destroy the victim’s property may heighten the severity of the crime, the “conventional” strategy is to threaten to hurt the victim physically if the property or money is not returned. This is a more traditional approach. It’s not necessary for the injury to be life-altering or even deadly; a shattered finger, a split lip, or even a punch to the gut will do. The last factor in determining your ultimate penalty is whether or not you are able to fraudulently access government funds. If you fail, but make significant attempts, prosecutors have the right to arrest and charge you. It is possible to lower an attempted felony by one degree, such as a third-degree grand larceny. In this situation, a class “D” felony would be upgraded to a class “E,” with the appropriate term and penalties. You can visit our website in case of ابتزاز.

Justice and Penalty Codes of the United States

The sentencing guidelines for all White Collar Crimes, including Extortion, are the same. A first-time criminal may not face mandatory detention if the theft exceeds $1 million, but it does not mean he or she will avoid prison or jail time. Even if they get a sentence that includes terms like probation, conditional release, fines, or community service, first-time offenders risk going to jail.

It’s pointless to get together and have flings, you know?

Many Crotty Saland PC clients face the same issue when a former lover from SeekingArrangement.com, AshleyMadison.com, or a sexual partner you met socially or through business asks for “hush” money. You may get $25,000.00 in rent, a car payment, or other assets if the non-married party knows you won’t leave your wife or your lover understands that he won’t leave his spouse. The married person, even if he refuses to pay for the “money grab,” will divulge their connection to their respective wives and jobs if the “money grab” is nothing but a hoax. Regardless matter whether it was a one-night stand or something more significant, a man ultimately caves in and pays.


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