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Factors That Impact the Cost of Death Cleanup

The cost of conducting a crime scene cleanup varies from place to place. This variation is dependent on the nature of the crime and the activities that needs to be carried out for the cleanup to be complete. Basically, it is the amount of hazardous materials that needs be disposed and what the cleanup really entails that majorly dictates the price that would be paid for death cleanup services.

Consider the Following Factors:

  • Waste Transportation and Disposal

When conducting a death cleanup, there is usually waste that would be cleaned off the scene but can’t be dumped in the garbage bin just right in front of the house. This sort of waste is termed as biohazardous and require special care in it transportation and disposal.

Some cleanup companies procure the license to handle this waste themselves. This license and regulations ensure that they transport and dispose the waste in a manner which would not result in further danger to any other person.

For cleaning companies that don’t have such licenses, they are obligated to work with a waste management company that does. So before you choose a company, be sure to confirm their method of waste disposal to avoid legal problems.

  • The Set of Skills Needed

Although each death cleanup is meant to be thorough, there are some that are more thorough than others. The level of thoroughness given to cleaning crime scenes is dictated by the nature of the crime that happened and how long it has happened among other factors.

Take for instance there was a homicide (the victim was shot in the chest). If the homicide happened on an upper floor and was discovered within an hour, then cleanup would probably just entail cleaning up a small amount of blood that would be present.

On the other hand, if the crime wasn’t discovered until about two weeks for whatever reason, then not only would the room containing the dead body be compromised, but there is the possibility that the floor is, as well as the room below. The body would have gone far along the decomposition stages and this means that there will be a lot of bacteria, insects, rodents and other microorganisms present on the scene. To perform this cleanup job, there would be need for construction workers, or at least cleaner with such experience and so on. All these would affect the price of such a crime scene cleanup job.

  • The Size of the Contaminated Area

Well, basically, the larger the area to be cleaned, the more time it will take. And more time working on a cleanup job directly translates to more wages to be paid to the cleaners as most of them work on a per hour basis.

A good example would be cleaning a meth lab. Small lab, small crew and little time spent. Bigger lab, small crew (larger crew), more time spent (little time spent), whichever way you go, it still means more money for a bigger area.

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