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Green Companies Choose Eco-friendly Polycarbonate Electrical Boxes

Metals extraction, refining, purification, and manufacturing drain the earth of its stable core and drastically reduces the air quality of communities around the world. Even the noise created during metals extraction chases away the animal inhabitants of that area. Also, a variety of other metals are needed to create metal alloys that contain specific concentrations of different metals like copper, zinc, or iron, But, when these metals are turned into different components and products, they create a toxic work environment that negatively affects the health of employees and communities.

On the other hand, the emissions to the environment from the production of some plastics like polycarbonate are extremely low. The polycarbonate manufacturing process is a closed-loop system, meaning fumes from the material are piped from one closed vessel to another. This process is followed by careful emissions treatment and practices dictated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

So, if your company is looking for a way to be greener and more eco-friendly, consider using polycarbonate electrical boxes for all future electrical installations. Reducing the use of metals in industrial and commercial products like polycarbonate electrical enclosures is a positive step toward sustainable manufacturing.

Polycarbonate as an eco-friendly building material

Polycarbonate is a special thermoplastic that is superior to other plastics like PVC. This plastic is more resilient, more flexible, and more durable, which makes the material a great choice for the construction of electrical enclosures. But is polycarbonate really eco-friendly? Most consumers have heard that plastics have a big carbon footprint. Yet that’s not the whole story.

While it does take a lot of energy to transform the raw materials of oil or natural gas into different plastics, you should also consider all the upstream and downstream processes that are eliminated when polycarbonate electrical boxes are manufactured. Here are some eco-friendly benefits of replacing metal boxes with polycarbonate electrical boxes:

  • polycarbonate boxes eliminate the need for welding, metal fasteners, and assembly
  • Colors are incorporated into the plastic melt, eliminating the need for subsequent painting
  • polycarbonate significantly reduces the weight and shipping costs of materials
  • engineering-grade plastics exhibit a material strength that can exceed that of metal parts
  • low melting point and high malleability of plastic make them easy to form complex shapes

The bottom line is the faster rate of manufacturing and the fewer processes involved in the manufacture of polycarbonate enclosures means a reduced burden on the environment. When plastics are used in place of metals, plastic can save energy, has a lower carbon footprint, uses less water and fuel, while also saving lives.

It’s for all these reasons that polycarbonate electrical enclosures are not just eco-friendly, they are also budget-friendly. Even in post-processing, plastic in cheaper to form, mold, or assembly when compared to metal or glass. And polycarbonate electrical boxes are fully recyclable because they are made from a natural resource (oil) it provides excellent yields for plastic recycling factories.

Contact Allied Moulded Products to learn more about our full line of polycarbonate and fiberglass electrical enclosures, junction boxes, and receptacle boxes.

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