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Hoarder’s House Considered to Be A Fire Risk

There has been an increase in the number of hoarder’s since the lockdown and travel restrictions as a result of the COVID 19 virus. This has also led to a higher number of homes at risk of fire outbreaks. Some of the items found at a hoarder’s house include stacks of paper, and sanitary products, all of which are a fuel source for a fire outbreak. In addition to this, gas canisters have also been found adding to the risk. This is why it is essential that you perform a thorough hoarding cleaning service. Professional hoarding cleanup service is best suited to handle this task.

Some of the fire outbreaks in the home are caused by hoarding conditions. Flammable items are not the only risk posed by hoarding conditions. In the event of a fire, emergency exits can be blocked and doors shut due to the size of clusters along the route. Since it’s hard to escape the house due to the rubbish blocking doors and escape route, the occupants will get trapped in the fire, and firefighters will find it hard to access the property due to the blockage. It will be hard to save survivors as well. There have been extremely sad cases where occupants in a hoarder house got stuck in the event of a fire. With no means of escaping, they lost their lives in the fire. This is such an unfortunate incident. To prevent such ugly occurrences hoarding conditions should be tackled as quickly as possible.

Getting Help for Hoarding

If you or someone you know is suffering from a hoarding condition and you are concerned about the health and safety risks, there are many options to get help. The first step is reaching out to a local fire station for help and advice on making the property more accessible. If there is no escape route in the home, these experts should help you create one. If you have one and it’s blocked, they should remove all items along the way, leaving it free.

The best line of help is contacting a professional hoarding cleanup service. These experts will storm your property, assess the condition and get rid of all unwanted items in the home. Not only does this reduce fire risk, but it also ensures a clean and healthy home for residents. All unwanted items will be discarded in a designated container and taken to the right disposal facility.

These professionals can also help recommend a general practitioner who will guide the hoarder on how to manage the hoarding disorder and provide mental health support services.

A hoarder’s home has a high risk of fire outbreaks. But this can be prevented if one takes quick action by clearing the room thoroughly. While this is a great step in the right direction, finding a lasting solution to the hoarder’s disorder is vital. Otherwise, you will need to call a professional hoarding cleanup service for another cleaning job. So tackle the root cause of the problem as well.

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Hoarder’s House Considered to Be A Fire Risk

There has been an increase in the number of hoarder’s since the lockdown and travel restrictions as a result of the COVID 19 virus....

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