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Important Guidelines for Safe Suicide Scene Cleanup

If a person commits suicide, his/her relatives face a traumatic experience. It is the responsibility of the family members of the deceased to thoroughly clean up the suicide scene. Suicide scene cleanup is a task that should be done with caution to prevent infectious bacteria. There are a lot of health hazards that a suicide scene contains. To protect yourself from such biohazardous materials, you need to follow these few guidelines.

  1. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE): Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment is very important when engaging in suicide scene cleanup. The appropriate PPE are coveralls, goggles, respirators, disposable gloves, and safety shoes. These materials are worn to protect a person handling hazardous materials.
  2. Clean the affected area with the right disinfectant product: Removing blood stains from the suicide scene requires the use of some certain solutions. All affected areas should be thoroughly clean with a registered disinfectant product that has a broad spectrum kill claim. First and foremost, read the instruction on the leaflet of the product and ensure that you follow the instruction carefully. You will get the best result from using the right disinfectant product correctly.
  3. Decontaminate reusable equipment: Reusable equipment such as brooms, buckets, and other equipment should be adequately sanitized with a sanitizer. By so doing, biohazard materials can be prevented from spreading after the cleaning process.
  4. Use biohazard bags: Contaminated materials and equipment that are condemned should be properly disposed of. Make sure that you dispose of the contaminated materials in a biohazard bag and ensure that it is properly sealed.
  5. Seek medical attention immediately if you encounter any injury: During the suicide scene cleanup process, you may incur a wound. Thoroughly rinse any area of your body that has been exposed and immediately go and see a doctor.

Carefully following these guidelines will enable you to successfully clean up a suicide scene. The smallest spill of blood can pose a serious health threat. Hence, certain procedures should be followed to limit potential bloodborne pathogen exposure. You can hire a professional suicide scene cleanup company for the entire cleaning process. These professional companies specialize in crime scene cleanup involving death. Their aim is to help property owners’ deal with traumatic events and also clean up the environment.

The human body contains a lot of fluids. Precaution should be taken when handling body fluids such as blood in a suicide scene because it contains bloodborne pathogens. These are microorganisms found in the human blood and they are very harmful. Professional cleaners know the appropriate disinfectant to use to eliminate such hazardous materials.

An expert crime scene cleaner also knows the best cleaning product to use to remove any blood stain from the scene. Following the procedures outlined in this article will help you to thoroughly clean up the blood in your property safely. For more efficiency, you should hire a professional biohazard cleanup company to clean up your property when there is a traumatic event involving death. You can find out more about their services from their website or you can ask for a recommendation from a close relative.

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