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In what ways might ensuring high-quality water supply be beneficial?

Despite the fact that clean drinking water is readily available throughout the country in Canada, its citizens may take it for granted. Before we can know for sure that the water we drink is safe and free of toxins, testing is one of several necessary stages. More than 350 clients from all throughout Saskatchewan rely on the analysis services provided by the SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories each year. For over 50 years, we have provided water quality testing in Saskatchewan for a wide variety of clients, including government agencies, businesses, private citizens, and those with private wells.

The Right Concept

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a chemically or biologically contaminated municipal water supply, and you may have even experienced its harmful effects firsthand. People in the area are usually warned to be cautious and take precautions if anything like this occurs, such as boiling water before drinking or using it for any other reason. In Canada, municipal water supply providers account for over 500 yearly warning notifications to boil water. These watches and warnings often last for three to four days, however there are occasions when they last for much longer. SRC is often the first to realise the necessity for the formation of an advisory or order as a consequence of its comprehensive monitoring of municipal water systems. If these toxins are not identified quickly, a disaster might occur.

Quality Standards For Water

The voluntary Canadian Water Quality Guidelines contain requirements for drinking water and were developed jointly by the federal, provincial, and territorial governments. These Guidelines help to ensure that Canadians’ health is protected by outlining safe drinking water limits for a variety of pollutants. Too far, standards have been established for more than 85 different physical, chemical, and biological aspects of water quality. All public and private water systems, including those that treat or finish the water before it is used, are subject to the regulations. Throughout the process of creating their own binding standards, objectives, and norms, the provinces and territories consult these suggestions.

SRC conducts several types of water testing, the most common of which is testing for bacteria. If the sample turns out to be contaminated with bacteria, the results are immediately reported to the WSA, and a warning to boil water is given. For the alert to be lifted for a community or business, results must show that two tests performed at least 24 hours apart come back negative. This is necessary to get the warning removed.

From the world’s largest rivers, lakes, and oceans to your kitchen sink, there are several safeguards in place to guarantee the purity of the water you use every day. On March 22, World Water Day, stop and think about how far that water had to travel before it reached your glass. Consider how essential it is to everyone’s health that they have access to safe, clean drinking water.


If you’re looking for a water quality metre that can withstand a wide range of conditions and still provide accurate results, the YSI Professional Plus is a great option. The YSI Professional Plus water quality metre is an excellent choice for anyone seeking such an adventure. The device’s file system is ideal for usage in research and academic institutions, as well as agricultural and aquacultural contexts, since it can store 2,000 data sets.

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