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Laminate Flooring: Choosing the Best Option for Your Home

Laminate flooring is one of the most important innovations in the world of home improvement in the past fifty years. It is cheap, durable, and prefinished, but the best thing is that an intermediate DIYer can put it in with just a few simple tools. Most of the many varieties may be set up with only the help of a few snaps; no glue or fasteners are required. The hardest part is really making the final choice of what to buy. That is what we will be talking about when we get together.

Among the many varieties of laminate flooring available today are:

 Laminate flooring comes in two distinct varieties

There are two main types of laminate flooring. Both are sold in packages of one-quarter-inch-thick snap-together planks. Here’s the main distinction: Engineered wood is constructed from many layers of real wood stacked and bonded together such that each layer is perpendicular to the one below and above it. A thin layer of high-quality hardwood with an acrylic finish makes up the top surface. On the other hand, plastic laminate is wholly man-made. Proper Wichita Laminate Flooring Installation happens to be essential here.

  • The bottom is melamine, the center is resin-saturated fiberboard, and the top is a woodgrain print protected by a layer of translucent hard plastic. Purists, who value authenticity above all else, should avoid using synthetic wood because of its artificial look. However, there is a cost to realism. Plastic laminate flooring is often less expensive, although this is typically more than twice as expensive. Denting, scratching, and staining it are more common since the true hardwood it is constructed of is only present in a thin coating on the surface.
  • However, it may be polished and sanded up to three times before displaying indications of wear and tear, unlike plastic laminate flooring. Avoid placing it in damp or heavily trafficked areas, and it might outlast plastic laminate. Keep in mind that prospective buyers may put a greater value on the look of real wood and be ready to pay more if you plan on selling your property in the next few years. Plastic laminate flooring may provide the impression of wood in areas that are either often flooded or have heavy foot traffic.

The plastic core and impenetrable coating of laminate flooring provide for a very long service life. They are much more resistant to moisture, pet claws, in-line skates, and sand-filled flip-flops than engineered wood flooring. Manufacturers have made great strides in recent years in improving the look of wood-grain print. Most people would never guess that it is not real wood just by looking at it.

Remember to use LV Flooring!

Other than laminate, there are other long-lasting and easy-to-install flooring solutions to consider. You should look at luxury vinyl (LV) flooring the next time you are at the home improvement store. Luxury vinyl plank, like the one seen above, is made to resemble wood while luxury vinyl tile is made to resemble ceramic tile. Both types are completely waterproof, very durable, and some of the most user-friendly flooring options available worldwide. Luxury vinyl’s adaptability makes it a good option for use over unlevel surfaces.


Foam underlayment is necessary for all laminate floors. Do not pass it up. Underlayment prevents the floor from clicking against the subfloor and makes the floor somewhat more comfortable to walk on. It evens up the flooring so the planks can be laid more quickly and easily, and it eliminates any gaps between them. Some self-adhering tape is included to help with the transition from one row of underlayment to the next.

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