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Landscapes, Hardscapes, and Softscapes: What are They?

What’s the big deal about hardscapes? Hardscape is the permanent built features and structures of a landscape. Softscape includes all the organic living elements.

The balance between the hardscape and softscape components is key to a great landscape. Hardscapes include patios and retaining walls. They can also include paver driveways, seat walls, pathways, steps, fire features, water features, outdoor kitchens, shade structures, artificial turf, and landscape lighting.

Clients almost always include some type of hardscape in their visions for their dream landscape. This is because hardscaping creates a feeling of home that extends beyond the four walls. Hardscapes increase your home’s value and your quality of life. Hardscaping is a great way to create pockets of useful, meaningful space in the midst of nature. People often have visions of their yard that include walking the paths in the garden, cooking dinner in the outdoor kitchen, or sitting around a fire pit with family and friends. Radiant Landscape Design and Build understands the value of your investment and installs hardscapes to bring you memories for many years.

Hardscape is an investment. Hardscapes are one of the more expensive components of a landscape. However, knowing how much work is involved in creating quality hardscapes can give you a better idea of what they cost. The installation, and especially the base preparation, is by far the most crucial part of any hardscape. Our pavers are installed over a minimum 6″ compacted and open-graded foundation, ensuring a durable final product for Colorado’s unpredictable freeze-thaw cycles. Before installation, site analysis, slope, drainage, and labor are all important factors to consider. Click here to learn more about our installation process.

Quality is important. The materials you use to construct your hardscape are just as important. They not only ensure the longevity of your hardscape but also its durability. Quality is the most important factor when choosing hardscape materials. If you want to expand your patio area, for example, you might choose a concrete slab, paver patio, or porcelain patio. Concrete is cheaper upfront but will crack, stain, and wear over time, requiring more maintenance and money. Porcelain is a more expensive investment, but it will last longer and require less maintenance. A porcelain patio looks as good as it did the day after installation.

This post was written by a professional at Radiant LDB proudly provides landscaping services, including landscape design and installation services, for folks throughout Northern Colorado. We are a family-owned and operated company based in Fort Collins, and we’re dedicated to creating picturesque landscapes for our neighbors throughout the region.

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