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Reasons Why Spiritual Incense Is Worth It

Since the dawn of time, humans have burnt incense and other fragrant resins. It is a method of showing respect to an endless pantheon of deities and expressing one’s love for the universe.

The word “incendiary” comes from the Latin verb “incendere,” which meaning “to kindle.” One definition of the Latin word “incendere” is “to burn.” In ancient Egypt, incense was burnt by priests to cleanse the air and the dead. Its primary use was in sacred spaces, such as churches and temples. Incense sticks and the act of burning them are a fundamental part of the human experience. The developments in modern human development allow us to bring these similar experiences and cultures inside our homes. Here are some of the mystical benefits you might expect from burning incense.

Keeping Time with Incense

When freshly ignited, spiritual incense may burn for up to an hour before being completely consumed by the flame. You may light one up before beginning meditation, before beginning work, or before beginning a meeting. Its scent might be used as a gentler alternative to a clock or alarm to help you keep track of the time. To mark the passing of time in ancient times, incense was burned instead of candles.


Many faiths use the burning of incense into their rituals because it is believed to help them focus more intently on spiritual topics. You may find that lighting an incense stick helps you get in touch with your spiritual side and gain perspective. It calms the environment and your mind, making it ideal for exploration on all levels. When used as a premeditation ritual before each session, it yields the best results.

Aids You could find that incense with a calming aroma helps you go off to sleep. Lavender, camomile, and vetiver all have calming qualities that may help calm an anxious mind. About 15 to 20 minutes before you want to go to sleep, start smoking your prefered incense. Let the aroma permeate the whole room. If you want to sleep with the incense burning, leave yourself at least an hour and a half between lighting it and going to bed. This is a much superior option than using candles when it becomes dark outside.

Yoga, or the Practise of It

You’ll feel revitalised and able to focus more intensively on your workout while incense is burning nearby. If you want to minimise distractions from odours during your yoga practise, lighting some incense may assist. The impact is amplified when incense is burned at the same time as meditation.

Uses in Medicine

Burning incense triggers your body to produce serotonin because of the smells released. This may be used as an alternative to conventional medical treatment. It’s a great, drug-free way to boost the happy chemicals your brain needs to function, and it does wonders for your disposition, too. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood in addition to helping with sleep, digestion, and satiety. It also aids in reducing anxiety, depression, and headaches. Burning rose incense may provide a little serotonin enhancement.

Improving One’s Capacity to Think Creatively

Burning well selected incense may improve your creative thinking and general well-being. Lemongrass, Ylang-Ylang, and other citrous aromas are common incense ingredients when working with aloes wood. It evaluates your productive mood and pinpoints your flow as you work on various projects, such as writing or painting. It makes place for pleasant tunes and noises to penetrate your consciousness.

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