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The Primary 3 Trending Colours Of Laminate Flooring In 2023, Suitable For Any Décor

If you love the natural colours of wood flooring, laminate flooring is for you. Not only is laminate beautiful, it’s practical too.

You have an enormous range of styles and colours from which to choose, without any of the worries, such as warping, which “real” wood might cause over the years.

Laminate flooring is manufactured in thin layers, which are glued together. Constant research and innovation in materials means that you can use laminate flooring in any room in your home, including utility rooms, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

New generation laminate flooring contains a transparent, high wear resistance top layer, revealing the colourful wood-style layer underneath. This is the layer that’s visible, and there’s a big choice of laminate floor colours in NZ today. Since this layer is printed, it can be designed to provide a true-to-life look of any type of wood: laminate can even be embossed, so that it’s textured.

Unsure about laminates? Laminate flooring has many benefits.

Laminate Flooring Has Many Benefits Over Wood And Other Types of Flooring Materials

Did you know that a quality laminate floor, when it’s installed properly, can last 20 to 30 years? Laminates are a super-practical choice, especially for families with children and pets.

Your laminate flooring will take everything your family can dish out: the top layer of laminate is specially manufactured to resist hard wear, dents, and scratches. Many laminates are designed to be moisture resistant, so you can use them anywhere you choose.

Choosing your laminate flooring colours begins with a visit to your retailer. You need to see them and touch them to truly appreciate how far laminate flooring has come.

Choosing Laminate Floor Colours: Visit Your Favourite Retailer

Colours come into fashion, and go out again. Over the past few years, coastal colours—the pale natural tones of sky, beach, and sand—have been fashionable. The darker colours of industrial décor remain fashionable too, as does the rural farmhouse ambiance of the cottagecore style.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the best colour for your laminate flooring. Start with your décor.

  • In NZ in 2023, decorators suggest that you can expect more and brighter colours in kitchens and bathrooms. Think feature colours: blues and golds, in splashbacks and baths.
  • The dark industrial look is being updated with patterns, especially geometrics, and textures. Think bold blacks, and charcoal, with stark, brilliant whites.
  • Cottagecore references the vintage styles of your choice in 2023. Mix and match furniture harking back to any vintage era.

Whatever your chosen décor, you’ll find the perfect laminate floor colours for you.

The Primary Trending Colours of Laminate Flooring In 2023

With its durability and fade resistance, laminate flooring in NZ has surged in popularity, although timber flooring is still in demand.

Laminates are available in a big range of colours but natural wood and stone looks are always popular. Detractors however claim that laminates can never hope to match wood. Every tree is unique, so every plank of timber has its own pattern. Yes, in laminates patterns repeat, but today you’re unlikely to notice. Top quality laminates offer a real wood look and feel in a range of natural timber designs.

The top three trending shades of laminate flooring in 2023 are: greys, ranging from light to dark; browns, primarily dark brown; and honey.

  1. Greys: A Wonderfully Neutral Blank Slate For Your Décor

When you think of laminate flooring colours, greys might not immediately spring to mind. However, with Scandinavian styling still fashionably on point, greys make a neutral background for any decorating style, from cottagecore to contemporary and industrial.

When you choose grey, think of wind and water washed timbers, the shades of wood you might find when beachcombing. However, you’ll also find darker greys in some laminates.

Lighter shades tend to make rooms look larger, while darker shades minimize.

Greys to explore include:

  • Lindeman Oak, in Aquaplank’s Whitsunday range. A superb dark grey wood style, with clearly defined knots and whorls in the wood, as well as saw marks. In different lighting, on close inspection you’ll see faint shades of brown and charcoal.
  • Daydream Oak, also in Aquaplank’s Whitsunday range. This shading of grey is much lighter. Again, the colours vary according to the lighting, but you’ll see shades of grey, including dark grey, as well as touches of cream.
  1. Cosy Dark Browns Suit Your Favourite Style

Love dark wood? You’ll find many shades of brown in laminate flooring, but consider the darker browns of 2023.

Worth exploring:

  • Clifford Oak, from Plantino’s Fraser range. This is an intriguing, rich colour. While the overall impression of Clifford Oak is of dark brown wood, the elegant whorls include shades of lighter browns as well as charcoal. In some lights, you’ll also find amber tones.
  • Tooma Oak, from Plantino’s Noosa range. Dark, mysterious brown, with tinges of red in some lights, almost auburn. This rich colour could be the perfect choice for a heritage home, or for heritage decorating.
  1. Sunlit Summers All Year Round: Honey-Gold And Amber

Honey-gold is a cheering colour for laminate flooring. You’ll find honey-yellow tones in many shades, to suit your chosen style.

Honey colours to explore:

  • Barwon Blackbutt, from Plantino’s Noosa range. Bright and cheerful, this colour would look wonderful in any room, whether a kitchen or bedroom. The shades in Barwon Blackbutt range from luscious cream, to pale reddish browns.
  • Boneo Blackbutt, from Aquaplank’s Peninsula range. A brilliant, rich amber. This colour will cheer your home with warming sunlight in the coldest, darkest winter.

Explore Trending Laminate Flooring Colours at Your Favorite Retailer

Uncertain about colours? Your favourite retailer has the latest in stock. Visit today: you’re sure to find a colour you love.

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