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The Top Solar Energy Trends to Watch in Florida in 2024

Florida has been a solar energy hotspot due to abundant sunshine and a growing environmental consciousness. As we enter 2024, the state’s solar energy landscape is set for exciting developments. From technological advancements to policy changes and market trends, let’s explore the top solar energy trends to watch in Florida this year.

Solar-Plus-Storage Systems

One significant trend is the increasing adoption of solar-plus-storage systems. These combine solar panels with energy storage solutions like lithium-ion batteries. They allow users to store excess solar energy for use during the evening or during power outages, enhancing energy resilience, which is crucial in Florida with its frequent thunderstorms and hurricane threats.

Community Solar Programs

Community solar programs are gaining popularity, making solar energy accessible to a broader range of residents. These programs enable multiple households or businesses to invest in a shared solar array, reducing barriers for those without suitable roofs or financial means. Expect more community solar projects in 2024, providing more Floridians the chance to benefit from solar energy.

Increased Residential Solar Installations

Residential solar installations are expected to rise, driven by falling solar panel prices, attractive financing options, and state and federal incentives. Net metering policies, allowing homeowners to earn credits for excess energy generated, further incentivize solar adoption.

Solar-Ready Building Codes

Florida is proactively encouraging solar energy adoption through solar-ready building codes. New constructions are required to include features facilitating easier and more cost-effective solar panel installations. This trend is anticipated to gain momentum in 2024, aiding Florida’s transition to more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings.

Green Energy Goals and Policies

Florida has ambitious green energy goals, aiming for 100% clean energy by 2050. Watch for legislative and regulatory developments supporting these goals, such as increased renewable portfolio standards and incentives for solar energy projects.

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