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Top Reasons Why Amazon is the Biggest Retailer

In the contemporary world, convenience is the major goal of people. Ecommerce is the embodiment of convenience as you don’t need to go to malls or stores for shopping. Amazon has made everything available at your doorstep. So have you ever wondered why it is the biggest retailer in the market right now? Amazon is a success even after the COVID-19 pandemic because of certain factors that make it stand out among other stores. So let’s have a look at those reasons.

Wide Range of Products

A customer demands that the product he desires would be available to him at the doorstep with minimal price and excellent quality. Amazon made this concept a reality as it erased the concept of retailer ship. In the late 90s, Amazon sold CDs and DVDs while in 2001 it started selling clothes and other products.

The main aim of the company has to remain updated with the latest trends and provide customers with that. Amazon Prime is another example of it. Today, there is no such product that is not available on this platform. From handmade crafts to electronics you can get everything at a cost-competitive price. So, the availability of all kinds of the product has led to its extensive growth.

Earning without Investment

Amazon along with its services to customers has opened up a venue for people around the world to earn without investment. Take the idea of dropshipping, you just need to deliver the products and earna good amount of money. Moreover, you can be a virtual assistant to anybody and manage things for him as a return you can earn money.

If you have spare space then why don’t you make it a source of revenue? Through Amazon, you can lend it out for storage of things and in return, you can get money from the company. So in one way or another the company has opened up many ways for people to earn money leading to the exceptional growth of the company. So along with its excellent services, it has become a platform of earning for many making it the biggest company right now.

Benefits for Sellers and Buyers

As far as the sellers are concerned, first, there is a very low fee for them to start selling depending upon the package they use. So you can even start from level zero but the selling platform is so big that you can expect a good turnaround in a year. As per Amazon statistics, many new startups had a turnover in millions during their first year.

Furthermore, it provided a good discount for buyers like free streaming on Amazon prime or getting good discounts on the specific type of products. So whether it is a buyer or a seller both can have good opportunities to move to Amazon. So why won’t they prefer Amazon over other eCommerce platforms? Today, the company has become a global brand because of its updated methods.


To summarize, Amazon is no longer a platform for buying and selling but a network where everybody can earn through services they wish to provide. The strategies adopted by Amazon like dropshipping or discounts make it the best in the world.

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