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Unseen Truths about Crime Scene Cleaning Services

There are myths and misconceptions about crime scene cleaning services. One myth after another, this article will clarify the long-misunderstood parts of the business. From illusions of a fat paycheck to quitting your 9 to 5 job for crime scene cleanup, you will be shocked at how much you’ve been led to believe as the truth.


If your goal is to own a crime scene cleaning company, you may want to begin as a technician with a decent income. You should be ready to get your hands dirty in the startup line. Meanwhile, your takehome will depend on the market. Considering how much goes into the startup, you might not close the year with huge profits. And as the second year begins, with the assumption that you reinvest 10% of your takehome in advertising and marketing; your end-of-year profit should be about $30,000.

Contrary to popular opinion, crime scene cleanup is not a fast market. You need to work hard to make enough money. As seasons change, crime scene cleanup businesses come with lots of uncertainties. Unless you are financially table, you shouldn’t hand in a ‘quit’ letter until you are well-grounded in the industry. In no more than five years of starting the business, when you become a known brand, your paycheck grows even fatter.

Business availability

A booming crime scene cleanup business is typical in large metropolitan areas. You must set up your business in a way that your brand is ‘top ten’ on the list of people who need you. To improve your brand visibility, you may consider adverts on magazines, newspapers, popular blog sites, and billboards – all are within the range of $400 and $10,000 per month. It is not surprising that companies with operating capital get the majority of the business because funds are at the ready. Similar to freelance jobs, you may close a week without calls or consultations and get super busy in the following weeks. If you land a deal at large multi-state areas, the chances are that you will succeed in your line of business. Hence, you must put in a series of adverts and promotions to get noticed.


The crime scene cleanup business doesn’t deal with national certificates. Because the Federal Government bears no affiliation with the industry, you are only required to satisfy OSHA regulations. Regarded as a janitorial company in some states, starting your own crime scene cleanup business begins with week-long training at accredited companies.

In your search for accredited companies, you must remember that you don’t need national certifications to become a crime scene cleaner except the certificates offered by the company. Thus, be careful in your search. During the transportation of hazardous wastes, you will need a certification which is readily available at local offices around you.

The crime scene cleanup business is both rewarding and challenging. Except you are unique and special, you are likely to retire with a few bucks at age 40.

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