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Where Do Most Burglars Enter the Home

Most burglars enter the home where you would enter if you don’t have your keys. And they target you when you think you’re not at risk or least expected. Therefore, consider contacting or visiting home to see how they can help you protect your home. These days, burglars might try breaking into your house through the following entrances.

The Front Door

For the most part, a locked door is enough to deter a would-be intruder. But it’s easy to forget to lock up. Some burglars are bold enough to use your spare key and go through your front door.

So ensure you conceal your spare key in a less predictable location.

Also, invest in a sturdy front door security screen and double-check if you’ve locked it before leaving home. That eliminates the risk of forced entry.

Be Keen on Your Secondary Doors

A burglar will certainly take advantage of an entry you ignore. The front door may seem like the best shot for a burglar to start looking for a way in. However, a burglar will explore all the doors to see if they can gain access. Burglars will often choose less guarded doors. You can think of garage doors, pet doors, skylights, and even side doors as part of this category.

Garage Doors

A home’s garage door is often easy to overlook. What’s worse, it risks having your garage valuables stolen. In some properties, the garage has direct access to your house. That’s a perfect entry for an intruder. So always lock and screen your garage door.

Pet Doors

A small pet door, primarily your dog’s, can provide sufficient space for a burglar to go through. So invest in a pet door that locks from the inside. That way, it can’t be forced open from the outside.

Unlocked Windows or the Ones With a Faulty Lock

Most windows are either left unlocked or lack the necessary locks to keep out an intruder. Intruders will find it much easier to enter and leave your home undetected if you leave your windows open. You should always keep your windows locked.

However, that may lure you into a misguided perception of security since some locks are faulty. Always use strong latches and locks to protect your windows.

Climbable Tables and Trees

Some plants can give a burglar a straight path into your home. Tall plants or privacy fences often shield windows, giving you privacy and security. But they give criminals a place to hide.

A burglar can use a tree or a tall table in the yard to make their way to the upper floor of your house. Keep tabs on any exterior features a burglar could use to enter your home. Maintaining trimmed bushes and vegetation helps eliminate shelter for would-be thieves.


In conclusion, generally, some houses are targeted more than others. And you can never know if you are on their target list. So a customized home security system is an excellent investment to ensure your property’s safety while you’re away. Call home security today and let us help secure your home from burglars.

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