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Worried About A Loved One With Suicidal Thoughts

If your instinct tells you someone is at immediate risk of suicide, do not hesitate to reach out to the emergency service and ask for an ambulance. If you are worried about a loved one who is having suicidal thoughts, you need to be sure by recognizing the warning signs. If these signs are glaring and confirmed, then you can find ways to help them. Otherwise, be ready to contact suicide scene cleanup service to remediate the crime scene.

Most suicide cases are by people who never had the opportunity to get mental health support a few months before making the final decision to commit suicide. It is important to remember suicide is a complicated issue and often there are many different reasons why someone may start to harbor suicidal thoughts. Many times, people who feel suicidal are not in their right senses. They may not know why they are feeling this way. As a result, it is always difficult for them to reach out to anyone to share their pains and feelings with before their death.

Warning Signs

You never know if someone is thinking about committing suicide. However, here are some warning signs to always look out for

  • Behavioral changes – reckless use of drugs, looking unkempt, isolation, difficulty in completing daily chores, appearing more tearful, threatening to hurt of kill themselves and so much more.
  • Talking and writing about irrelevant things such as hopelessness, death, suicide and bidding goodbyes to friends and family as if they will never see again
  • Mood changes including depression, mood swings, planning how to commit suicide, loss of interest in activities they once loved doing

Ways to Find Out

If someone had once try to kill themselves but failed, chances are they may give it another try. For such individual, they should be kept under strict surveillance for specific period of time and all warning signs should be noted. Swing into action if you notice any funny behavior.

You can learn more about their overall wellbeing by sparking a conversation – make a connection with the person you are concerned about.

  • Try and understand their state of mind. Ask them how they are feeling. From their response, you can deduce if they are doing fine or not. You can tell what’s going on in their mind. Let them know you’ve been noticing sudden changes in their behavior of late and ask if they are doing just fine.
  • Learn to listen. Do not interrupt while they are talking. Be a good listener. Let them talk to you about what they are going through. Ask relevant questions to understand the situation. Whatever they are passing through is a big problem for them. So, try to put yourself in their shoes to understand the situation.
  • Ask the suicide question. People are of the opinion that once you start asking questions related to suicide, then the individual harbors this thought, this is not always the case. Asking suicide question shows that you care about them. This may be a relief for them.

Get help where necessary for anyone with suicidal thoughts.


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