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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Water

Maintaining your pool water doesn’t have to be a challenging task; a few straightforward guidelines can keep your pool clean and safe for swimmers. Creating a simple task list by your pool ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities. This article provides essential tips to help you maintain a safe and pristine pool environment.

Skim the Surface for Cleanliness

Safeguard your pool and its users by routinely skimming the surface. Utilize a net to remove debris, preventing clogs in the filter system and maintaining clear water. Regular skimming prevents the accumulation of items on the water’s surface or sinking to the pool floor.

Monitor Water Levels

Keep an eye on water levels, as they can gradually decrease due to factors like splashing and evaporation. While seemingly minor, low water levels can lead to costly repairs. Maintaining an adequate water level ensures the skimmer functions optimally, preventing air from overpowering the pump and potential motor burnout.

Run the Pool Pump Daily

Establish a routine of running the pool pump for one to two hours daily. Consistent operation ensures efficient circulation and allows for the early identification of any system issues. Avoid excessive pump usage, as continuous operation may strain the pump, leading to motor burnout.

Invest in Automated Cleaning Equipment

Consider investing in an automated pool vacuum to aid in keeping the water clear. Pool vacuums come in various types, reducing the need for excessive chemical use when the water is consistently clean. Choose the appropriate brush—stiff for plastered pools and soft for tile, vinyl, or fiberglass surfaces—to remove algae and sediment effectively.

Rely on Professional Pool Cleaning Services

Florida Pool Patio offers expert pool cleaning services to ensure your pool water stays clean and safe. Our highly-trained technicians are equipped to handle inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us to schedule top-notch service and maintain a pristine pool environment.

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